Best Winter Wedding Venues in Essex

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Winter is usually off season for weddings. However, because less people opt to have wedding during winter season, it’s also the best time to choose if you’re looking to spend less. Business is bleak for most wedding vendors so you can get good prices.

The winter season would limit outdoor weddings and confine your options to indoor venues but it doesn’t mean you’re left with only a few options. If you live in Essex, NJ, we’ll share suggestions for places you can check out when planning your wedding.

What to looking when choosing a venue during this season:

  • Indoor space which is warm
  • Accommodation space
  • Catering services
  • Location
  • Possible outdoor opportunities for photos
  • Reception services

Here are some of our top picks:

Liberty House

1. Liberty House

This is an amazing place for parties. It makes a perfect venue for a wedding during the winter season because it has a fireplace which can create a great ambiance to the event. They serve delicious gourmet cuisine and can serve up to 150 guests. The floor to ceiling windows can add a lot of drama to your wedding decoration especially if you’re going for a romantic themed wedding.

Why go for Liberty house?

  • they have a patio, plus points for photo ops and extra outdoor space
  • centralized heating and air conditioning system
  • gives a great view of NYC skyline and a great location to watch the starry sky
  • have many rooms that can accommodate your guests from out of town
  • they have hardwood floors in the grand ballroom which is not only exquisite but also very spacious
  • they work will highly skilled events planners

This is located at 76 Audrey Zapp Drive, Liberty State Park, New Jersey. You can visit their website to know more. Click on or you can also check out their site which features wedding events they’ve hosted.

the grove

2. The Grove

A gorgeous wedding venue for picture perfect occasions. The Grove is a well-known venue for weddings that they have in-house wedding planners. They can supply everything needed in a wedding but best of all, the venue is within historic grounds.

Why The Grove?

  • spacious location enough for 400 guests
  • superb dining reviews
  • has a historic location that can be used for great photo ops
  • stunning outdoor space

This is located at 691 Pompton Avenue, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009. You can visit their website to see their gallery and check for prices and booking dates. Visit The Grove.


3. Nanina’s in the Park

Nanina boasts of a very  beautiful outdoor venue. However, for winter weddings, they have a big ball room that can cater to hundreds of guests. The terrace-like ball room design makes a great reception area for weddings. Guests can see what’s going on in the middle of the room.

Why Nanina’s?

  • it has a bridge outside, great for photo ops
  • nice staff and great food
  • warm lighting, perfect ambiance for romance
  • spectacular bridal suite

Nanina’s is located in 540 Mill St. Belleville, NJ 07109.  Visit their website: They also have another venue which is The Park Savoy Estate.