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7 Trendiest Wedding Photography Ideas

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The wedding day use probably the most important day in the life of the newlyweds and they would like to remember it for the rest of their lives.  However when it comes to human memory, it can often fail us.  Luckily, we can rely on technology, and more specifically photography, to help us preserve these precious moments forever.

1.The Proposal

Of course, the wedding day is usually well photographed, by the wedding photographer but also the guests, and sometimes even the bride and the groom themselves.  However, when it comes to the proposal, people want their photographs to look perfect.  In order to achieve this, you can think to of a specific theme, or go to a specific destination in order to take the best proposal pics.


2.Bridal Portraits

Even though it is not the newest trend it is probably the hottest, and that of course is taking portraits of the bride.  These photographs served to portray the beauty of the bride and keep it in vivid form for the years to come.

3.Including Instagram

The hottest trend for weddings is definitely to include Instagram in your photographs. Not only that it will give the necessary dose of modern touch to your wedding, but it will also make it possible for your friends to put hashtags of your wedding.

4.Family Photographs

The most memorable moments with your family should definitely be cherished and kept in good memory for the years to come. What better way to achieve this but to take some of the memorable photos of with your dear family members.

5.Natural Light

Don’t forget to use natural light to make some stunning photographs. The best light which is the most romantic and gives a perfect touch to wedding photographs is definitely soft morning light during the sunrise or soft light during the sunset. Use these parts of the day to take some breathtaking pics!

6.Day After Photos

If you are looking forward to getting wedding photos other than those of your venue, you might look forward to the day after your wedding as it is the perfect way to get some stunning photographs and correct all the mistakes you might have made on the first day. Also, you can get creative and it will all much more relaxed photo session, since there will be no pressure around the wedding.


7.Selfie Shots

The selfie trend doesn’t seem to cease and you should use it to your advantage to take some of the most memorable wedding photos. Also, you can use it as a way to make a statement about your wedding photography and take a different angle at the situation.

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