Top 3 Venues for Outdoor Wedding Prenups in Essex County

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Outdoor wedding prenups give a flare to the traditional indoor portrait wedding photos. The classic portrait wedding photos still have a charm to it but some couples are looking into keeping personalized prenup photos.

You can check more engagement photos from Rick Helman to grab ideas just in case but in terms of great locations, New Jersey offers some of the best places to shoot a prenup.

Here are our top recommendations:

1. Allaire State Park


This is an all around favorite of outdoor photographers because it’s got that historical feel which matches vintage and country themes. It has a historic village with rustic barns and 19th century brick buildings. The barns and the buildings make a great background for rustic themed prenup shots. Another favorite in this area is the Pine Creek Railroad. It’s one of the oldest in the country so you’ve got a lot of history going on in this place. It’s got blacksmith shops, it has a lake, old railway cars and so much more to offer as a good backdrop for photography sessions.

2. Ashbury Park Boardwalk


This place has a lot of backdrop to offer for a wedding shoot. There’s an old casino with colorful murals, perfect for an experimental theme. The Convention Hall is also a great place but the long jetty and the beach are the best spots in this place. This place is a good representation of old meets new.


3. Branch Brook Park


Perfect during April because you can totally catch the Cherry Blossom Festival. No need to go all the way to Japan to see the Cherry Blossom Festival. This location is very time sensitive though. Perfect timing is the key when shooting a prenup in this place. During regular days, there’s nothing really special here but it still makes a good outdoor shoot, only not so romantic without the flowers.

4. Manasquan Reservoir

The reservoir’s 5 mile perimeter trail is tree-lined which makes any spot great for photos. You’ll find several foot bridges along the trail that are picturesque and you won’t miss the great views at many points along the way. It might take some walking to find the right spot but it’s totally worth it.

5. Mindowaskin Park


Located in Westfield, NJ, this park has hidden spots that make a great backdrop for wedding photos. It has a lovely stone bridge which deserves to be highlighted. It also has a large pond and it’s filled with paths that can be used as a romantic spot. You’ll enjoy the weeping willows as well should you find the right angle to shoot a photo with it.