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Top 3 Venues for Outdoor Wedding Prenups in Essex County

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Outdoor wedding prenups give a flare to the traditional indoor portrait wedding photos. The classic portrait wedding photos still have a charm to it but some couples are looking into keeping personalized prenup photos.

You can check more engagement photos from Rick Helman to grab ideas just in case but in terms of great locations, New Jersey offers some of the best places to shoot a prenup.

Here are our top recommendations:

1. Allaire State Park


This is an all around favorite of outdoor photographers because it’s got that historical feel which matches vintage and country themes. It has a historic village with rustic barns and 19th century brick buildings. The barns and the buildings make a great background for rustic themed prenup shots. Another favorite in this area is the Pine Creek Railroad. It’s one of the oldest in the country so you’ve got a lot of history going on in this place. It’s got blacksmith shops, it has a lake, old railway cars and so much more to offer as a good backdrop for photography sessions.

2. Ashbury Park Boardwalk


This place has a lot of backdrop to offer for a wedding shoot. There’s an old casino with colorful murals, perfect for an experimental theme. The Convention Hall is also a great place but the long jetty and the beach are the best spots in this place. This place is a good representation of old meets new.


3. Branch Brook Park


Perfect during April because you can totally catch the Cherry Blossom Festival. No need to go all the way to Japan to see the Cherry Blossom Festival. This location is very time sensitive though. Perfect timing is the key when shooting a prenup in this place. During regular days, there’s nothing really special here but it still makes a good outdoor shoot, only not so romantic without the flowers.

4. Manasquan Reservoir

The reservoir’s 5 mile perimeter trail is tree-lined which makes any spot great for photos. You’ll find several foot bridges along the trail that are picturesque and you won’t miss the great views at many points along the way. It might take some walking to find the right spot but it’s totally worth it.

5. Mindowaskin Park


Located in Westfield, NJ, this park has hidden spots that make a great backdrop for wedding photos. It has a lovely stone bridge which deserves to be highlighted. It also has a large pond and it’s filled with paths that can be used as a romantic spot. You’ll enjoy the weeping willows as well should you find the right angle to shoot a photo with it.


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Tips for Outdoor Shoots

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A wedding is a milestone in a couple’s life. They begin a new life together and embark in new adventures. Weddings have always been important which is why capturing this special moment is also a high priority during wedding planning. If you’re a photographer living in Essex County in New Jersey, a place with many beautiful outdoor wedding venues like , you should find these tips very useful.


1. Pay attention to the trees

Whether it’s a wedding or a birthday celebration, there may be trees if the event is held at a park or somewhere with plants. If the subjects are underneath the trees, then there may be uneven shadows and highlights. For example, one person will have a shadow on their face while the other will not. Adjust the settings on the camera to suit the shadows and fix the rest when you edit.


2. Roam Around

You have to work with the lighting. Use the light to your advantage to capture the big moments – the bride walking down the aisle, when the priest pronounces them husband and wife, the reception, etc. The angle of light from one direction is different from the other. Don’t hesitate to walk and experiment which spot will be better. The angle of light from one direction is different from the other. Don’t hesitate to walk and experiment which spot will be better.


3. Consider Shooting Distance

The distance between you and the subject will determine the depth of your photos. The farther the distance, the more your picture will be angled from front to back. The closer you are, the less sharp the shot will be.

4. Bring Extra Batteries

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Bring several extra batteries to make sure you don’t run out of juice. Long gone are the days when we brought extra films with us. Charging an extra battery for the camera will be a lifesaver when you still want to take shots of the after party.

5. Take Pictures Before the Event

Your clients chose the place for a reason. Scout which angles will be the best spots to take pictures. Take shots of the landscape before the event starts and you can add it to your portfolio. This may even get you more referrals!


6. Don’t Force the Children

Kids can be rambunctious. Don’t force them to pose if they don’t want to. Some of the best pictures of children are when they are in their natural environment. Get a shot of a kid eating a cake with some cream on his face or the flower girl running around the garden. Raw emotion is a lot better than a forced photo and when your lenses capture the happiness in their eyes, you’ll be glad you did it.

7. Quiet the Shutter

For the most important moments, you don’t want the shutter making noises. It can distract the people or sometimes irritate them. When the bride says ‘I do’ and your 10 second shutter is going off, she’s not going to appreciate it. Choosing a quiet shutter can make a big impact on the environment.

8. Relax

A photographer won’t be able to capture the perfect photos if he/she is too focused with making sure to capture every moment. Relax every once in a while. Look through your camera and delete a few photos you don’t like to make room for better ones.


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7 Trendiest Wedding Photography Ideas

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The wedding day use probably the most important day in the life of the newlyweds and they would like to remember it for the rest of their lives.  However when it comes to human memory, it can often fail us.  Luckily, we can rely on technology, and more specifically photography, to help us preserve these precious moments forever.

1.The Proposal

Of course, the wedding day is usually well photographed, by the wedding photographer but also the guests, and sometimes even the bride and the groom themselves.  However, when it comes to the proposal, people want their photographs to look perfect.  In order to achieve this, you can think to of a specific theme, or go to a specific destination in order to take the best proposal pics.


2.Bridal Portraits

Even though it is not the newest trend it is probably the hottest, and that of course is taking portraits of the bride.  These photographs served to portray the beauty of the bride and keep it in vivid form for the years to come.

3.Including Instagram

The hottest trend for weddings is definitely to include Instagram in your photographs. Not only that it will give the necessary dose of modern touch to your wedding, but it will also make it possible for your friends to put hashtags of your wedding.

4.Family Photographs

The most memorable moments with your family should definitely be cherished and kept in good memory for the years to come. What better way to achieve this but to take some of the memorable photos of with your dear family members.

5.Natural Light

Don’t forget to use natural light to make some stunning photographs. The best light which is the most romantic and gives a perfect touch to wedding photographs is definitely soft morning light during the sunrise or soft light during the sunset. Use these parts of the day to take some breathtaking pics!

6.Day After Photos

If you are looking forward to getting wedding photos other than those of your venue, you might look forward to the day after your wedding as it is the perfect way to get some stunning photographs and correct all the mistakes you might have made on the first day. Also, you can get creative and it will all much more relaxed photo session, since there will be no pressure around the wedding.


7.Selfie Shots

The selfie trend doesn’t seem to cease and you should use it to your advantage to take some of the most memorable wedding photos. Also, you can use it as a way to make a statement about your wedding photography and take a different angle at the situation.

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